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     As a director, I specialize in horror and suspense and prefer to create works with heightened intensity and with deep and layered stories and characters. I always endeavor to keep my audience tense and on the edge Mike Storchof their seats for not only during the movie as a whole, but within each individual scene and each individual shot, cut, and fade.

      To date, I have directed and produced a feature film, Phantom of the Woods, which has secured worldwide distribution and will see wider release during the first of half 2014. The movie has had 2 successful full house showings and is being considered for numerous film festivals. I also directed the short thriller, MISSING, which was released in 2012. I have directed numerous videos designed for the web including 3 episodes for Open Sign Productions web series, PHOBIA.

In addition to my directorial work, I am co-owner and President of Open Sign Productions, LLC, which produces a large range of content from features, short films, to web series and from a variety of producers and directors.